Brown, Robert Delford

Brown, Robert Delford
(1930 Portland, Colorado- ) (USA)
   Pop and performance artist. Studied at Long Beach College and UCLA. Studied under Howard Warshaw. In the late 1970s he produced erotic tapestries and sometimes uses porno imagery in his works.
   Reproductions: Martyrdom of St. Barbara [man's hands roughly pinches woman's nipples]; Juxtapose presents: Erotica vol. 2 c1998: p. 22 . Moon over Manhatten; fabric; Beasts, 1981: p. 52 [C] / Solow, 1980: p. 56 . Very busy bunnies; wall hanging; Levine, 1976: n.p. [C].
   [b]Source: L.L. Eisenhauer, "Portrait: Bob Delford Brown," Art and Artists 8, 4 (July 1973): pp. 34-37.

Dictionary of erotic artists: painters, sculptors, printmakers, graphic designers and illustrators. .

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